Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cupcake Swap!

So I entered a Cupcake Swap on my favourite site, Crafster. The aim of the game is, you get given a swap partner and the both you craft cupcake-themed items and mail it to one another.

Completely by chance, Urban Threads happened to have a special on cupcake themed embroidery patterns, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! Coincidence?! ...probably.

After splashing out horrendously I decided that I was going to make an apron. Mostly because I know how to make aprons. I also decided to make a matching dishcloth and due to the fact that half of my baking episodes consist of going "where the hell is the dishcloth", I decided to velcro the dishcloth to the apron.

As you can see from the top image, I also added a cupcake pincushion (which my husband says looks more "muffin-like" and little cupcake notebook (which I didn't make).

Surprisingly our postal service even managed to get it all the way to Canada!

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