Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lasagne Cupcakes

"Holy smokes, batman!" says all twelve of you, "Two posts in one day?!"

I've been meaning to make this post for a while now, but these things are impossible to get nice looking photos of. They inevitably look like... cheese blobs. What they are, is pure brilliance! (I'm allowed to say that because it wasn't my idea!)

Using the No 1 Best Lasagne Recipe (they really aren't kidding), instead of layering it in a lasagna dish, I layered it in a muffin tray. For the pasta, I used home-made pasta (Flour, Salt, Eggs) and pressed out little circles with a cookie cutter. You want to cut your circles that are about the size of the TOP of the muffin trays, allowing it to fold up the sides, thus keeping your layers together.

As for the layering, I didn't follow the exact layering, I just add stuff as I feel like it. I used about three pasta circles for each "cupcake".

The nice thing about it is, if you have picky dinner guests, you can make three different fillings (beef, chicken, vegetarian) and just layer it differently for each guest!

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