Friday, April 13, 2012

Project Run and Play: Time to Vote! Week #1--Circle Skirt Pattern Remix...

Yes! I managed to catch the start of Run and Play this season.

Project Run and Play: Time to Vote! Week #1--Circle Skirt Pattern Remix...: It's time to vote!!!!!  There are 8 contestants so make sure you scroll all the way down to see all of their designs.  The poll is in the l...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shabby Chic Cabinet

[Forgive the quality of the photos, my computer crashed and this one only has Paint.]

So my husband and I recently moved house (again), hopefully for the last time in a looong while. For the first time we're not renting, so I can actually DO something to the place.

I'll be adding some photos on here as we make changes, but first up, something small!

A while ago we bought a set of bedside tables from a second-hand shop with the intention of repainting them to match my room. Sadly I never got around to it and by now I had already decided that I dislike their shape as well as their colour.

I eventually found perfect ones to replace them and decided to redo one of them as a bathroom cabinet.

First, I sanded the whole thing down. I didn't try remove the paint except on the corners.

Then I painted the whole thing with a light grey paint that I had a sample of (for my waaalls!)

After that dried I sanded it down lately. Then I diluted some white wall paint about 50/50 and painted over the grey. With both the grey and the white I tried to keep my brush strokes in the same direction, in an attempt to fake some wood grain.

After the white had dried a -little- a took a cloth and wiped it off, in areas where the paint was still too wet (and thus wiped off completely) I just repainted and waited.

I decided to varnish the end product, even though the paint I used didn't really need it. I wouldn't do it again, the varnish was horrible to work with (being non-water based) and it added a brownish tint to the corners.

Here's the end product: