Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soap.. at last I have attempted it!

So after perving (almost literally) over the wonderful soaps I've seen the people on Crafster make for months, I've at last tried my hand at it. Now before you get excited, it's only Melt-and-Pour soap, I'm still girding my loins for lye (and searching for lard).

The first step was of course trying to get my hands on supplies. Which is pretty much the first step of ANY craft in South Africa, other than scrapbooking. Eventually after much searching, I found a South African site (Fun With Soap) that sold the stuff. Yay! I ordered my box of supplies and a couple of weeks later (thank you SA Postal) my box arrived, though it looked like someone had kicked it around a bit, it'd come open and a bunch of the stuff inside had leaked (thank you SA Postal, again).

The first soap is a Brown Sugar and Vanilla Soap (with added Vitamin E).

The second soap is a Lavender and Olive Oil Soap. The flowers were supposed to be suspended, not floating on top, but oh well.

Now I just have to find people to test.. I mean gift them to.

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