Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Mario (double knit ear flap) Hat

Well I completed the second hat at last. This one is loosely based on the Skull one.

Changes that were made from that pattern:
a) I knit-purled my double knit, so the inside is an inverse of the outside.
b) I cast on 92 stitches instead of 108 to make it slightly tighter.
c) As you can see from the photos below, the back has been knit longer than the front. I did this by first connecting the two ear flaps and knitting about an inch on straight needles before casting on the front and joining it in the round.
d) Inconsequential, but the ear flaps are also an inch longer than the purple hats'.
e) Obviously I changed the design from Skull to Super Mario (if anyone's really interested and wants the chart, I can mail it to them).

Edit: Seems there were actually people interested in the pattern. So here you go: